Meet Sophie (left) and Joanna (right). They’re both 16 years old and live somewhere around Las Vegas. They like to go shopping and hang out with friends.
Sophie is the most talkative person, she always has to tell you something new. She watches her health very carefully and likes to fitness. She is very down to earth, cares for animals and the world. Sophie is a vegetarian and doesn’t buy anything which is tested on animals. She is quite popular in class and is a good student. She doesn’t have a boyfriend, but she does have a lot of male friends, who are really just friends to her. A negative point is that she’s sometimes very, very lazy, mostly in cleaning her room. She is sometimes a bit too loud and also a bit too late.
Joanna on the other side is always on time. She’s totally into fashion and never leaves the house without checking her hair. She is a bit spoiled by her parents, because she gets everything she wants. Therefore, she isn’t selfish at all, she likes to give her friends some presents now and then, for no reason. She is kind of quiet, but very nice when you get to know her. Joanna is, just as Sophie, very down with animals and never buys stuff which is tested on them. Because her parents don’t allow her, she isn’t a vegetarian, otherwise she would have been.

 Note: I don’t know these girls, I just made this whole story up. These may not be their real names (I guess not haha) and this isn’t their personality either. The picture as been made by Insporo for a project called ‘100 Strangers’.

xoxo Saskia

p.s. Yay, a goal which is finished right away!