I’m back home! I didn’t even know you were gone. Well, true, but I was. I was camping with two friends and the family of one of them and it was great. We’ve had so much fun. I love you guys. ❤

Back to the goals. I’ve completed three tasks! They were easy again, but who cares?

#84 Go camping.
#70 Swim in the ocean or the lake.
#80 Melt marshmallows by holding them close to fire.

These are things a normal person does once in a while and so do I, but they are special to me and that’s why they’re included in the Project. The last one makes me think. I’m a vegetarian and this task doesn’t fit with that, but melting marshmallows is too nice. The fire, the atmosphere, the friends you do it with… But that’s no excuse to eat an animal and I know that. There are special vegan marshmallows and next time I feel like doing this, I’ll get me some of these (which I fear is hard to find and expensive, but okay). 🙂

My friends Saskia and Michelle have been on holidays too and they still are, so that’s why it’s so silence here.

x Nina