Last weekend I went to the beach with a good friend. We walked by the sea and we walked over the jetty, which had two floors. The first floor was a terrace, from which we could overlook the sea pretty well. When we were at the end, we went downstairs, where little souvenir shops were. There was also a photo box! I was hoping for that! We went in it. It was very small. It always seemed nice to me to go in there with my five best friends, but my view changed a little. These photo boxes are made for just one people, with two it’s already full! We’ve made one photo which we got four times, it was impossible to make four different ones. But hey, this is fun too! We like how our skin looks healthy on the pictures, haha.

I’m the left one for the viewer.

x Nina


On the first photo, you see how my bed looks like from above (and yes, that’s a teddy bear). The second photo shows what you see when you dive under it. It’s taken from the foot end, which is left on the first photo. All there is, are some old shoes and a multiple socket with some plugs in it. And what a crappy photo. I’ve made some more, but they all look like shit.

What’s under your bed? 😀

x Nina

p.s. I know, this is a very easy-peasy goal. Maybe next one will be more difficult. Who knows?