Welcome to this newborn weblog, called Sweet Lemon Pie. If you’re reading this, in some years, this is the final post of this weblog, your weblog reading adventure has ended right here, I hope you enjoyed your ride. Probably, this is the first post you read, as we’re just started blogging. Let´s tell a bit about ourselves. We´re three girls, aged 16, from the Netherlands. We like to talk english, so we decided to blog in English, don´t mind our mistakes please! The three of us decided to participate in ´Day Zero Project´, which is a project where you have to make up a list of 101 goals you have to accomplish in 1001 days. Which means, we have 303 goals to accomplish in 1001 days. We start next monday, the 20th of July 2009. We decided to not put our lists up here, so it´s a surprise to our readers what they´re gonna read next.

For short, we call ourselves Nimisa, which is an abbreviation for our names, which are Nina, Michelle and Saskia. Take the first two letters and what do you get: right! Nimisa! We’ll all post under the name Sweetlemonpie, but under the post we’ll put the name of the person who wrote it. This is because we all have our own list and other goals to accomplsih. When there’s a main post, we’ll put all our names underneath, or just Nimisa for short 😉

I hope you’ll enjoy reading our weblog!

xoxo, Nimisa