And hasn’t it been a looooooong time since my last blog? Yes, it has. Of course it has. And I must say I’m not surprised or disappointed in myself, because I’ve known for well, my whole life, that I’m a very very veeeery lazy person ;). But let’s not talk about the stuff I didn’t do these past few months, but about the things I did do!

It all started this thursday. When the Netherlands suddenly became victim of a heavy snowfall. Or well, victim…, not everyone sees it that way, but I do! Because of the snow I can’t go anywhere on the bike or I’ll have to take the bus, but I’ll bet there’s a lot of traffic >.<. Anyways, the snow. I decided that if I had to stay at home because of the snow, I’d better do something with it too! Which is why I made a Snowman! 😀 And in a closet somewhere in the attic I also found: ‘Snowman in a box’. Which contains everything I needed to dress my snowman with; A black high hat, red scarf, black buttons, a wooden pipe and of course a carrot! And here you can see the result! It’s not very big, but that’s because it was already very late and cold :P.

And now on to the next goal! This saturday I had a Christmasparty with my friends. (And we had so much fun!) We had decided that everyone had to buy a gift for everyone and because we were with six people, it meant you had to search gifts for five people. We had also decided that you had to make a poem or a story for everyone. And then I had the idea to fold those up as ORIGAMI! I actually wanted to make a different origami figure for everyone. But in the end I just made for everyone the most popular origamifigur: the crane. I had already made this crane 10 years ago (when I was still in primaryschool! Wasn’t I a little genius? xD), so I knew I could do it, but I just didn’t remember hów to do it. But luckily internet exist! I really have to thank Google and Youtube for helping me out with this.
So, if you want to learn how to fold the origamicrane, just take a look at this little movie. ^.^

Well that’s that, for now then. I’ll really try to work more on my goals from now on and to be less lazy. And I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Edit: But the Crane isn’t the only origamifigure I made! I also made the swan and the penguin, but those weren’t for the party ;).

xx Michelle


After restarting three times, I finally managed to officially start my non-cursing month. Which has ended today, the 12th of October. It’s the day before my birthday, which I see as a sign! (Don’t know what kind of sign, but I’ll think about that later ;)) The whole hypothesis behind this goal was that at the end of the month, my speech would’ve been really improved, decent and just better. I don’t know right now if that’s true, that’s why I’ll observe myself for the week and then post again about my (hopefully) improved speech.

The first days, or well let’s just say the first week I hated this goal. I hated it with all my heart; I had to look out so carefully about what I was saying, just thinking about every single word… I couldn’t just blurt something out anything that came into my mind. And that’s very exhausting, because it’s so much easier for a person to learn to talk in a certain way, then to unlearn it. Or well, it’s not that somebody learned me to curse, but it was something I was used to do. But in the end it became easier and easier, which meand also less exhausting. And luckily I still had the weekends, and if I just stayed home, I would automatically not curse.
For some reason it isn’t hard to nót curse in front of my family, I don’t have to think about my speech at all, it just comes out naturally. Maybe it’s because the subjects of the conversations I talk about with my family are different that the ones I have with my friends. Or now I think about it, there isn’t that much of a difference in subject, hmm then how can it be…? Haha, I guess that’s also a thing for me to observe in this week.
I’m a very, very unpatient girl, like if something weird happens to the computer (like when it doens’t react fast enough), I’d immediately stress and push some buttons and click around and well I just like to do stuff fast. I really don’t like slowcoaches, they can make me so irritated! In the past I could control my patience less than I can now. But now I still flee to curse-words if things don’t happen fast enough for me. I guess that was another side of the goal; to see if I can still control my patience if I don’t have my curse-words. And I must say that I can (or perhaps this was just an uneventful month). I think I’ve only become better in controling my patience these past few years and I’ve past the final ‘test’, which was this month. (And yes, I’ve been my own judge :P)
Well, that was that. Glad I’m finally finished with this goal. But I’m still hoping I won’t turn back to my previous speech, maybe a little, but I just want my speech to be more decent in general!

image: Stefan Valent

xx Michelle

Determined to continue with my goals, I decided to go with #44 Don’t curse for a month.  Cursing is something that everyone does once in a while, especially when you’re irritated or angry. Because this monday the new school year started, I decided to begin it fresh. Or well, I didn’t exactly start monday, because that was the introduction day. And also not Tuesday, because that was when the lessons started again and I could feel that I would need my curse words. So Wednesday it was. But nót cursing seems a lot harder than I would’ve ever imagined! Especially in the morning, when you also have gym class (yuk). I really did begin the day good; I though about every word I said  and replacements of the curse words. But apparently that wasn’t enough. Because the class hadn’t even started for ten minutes and there I was: ‘What the F*ck!’ ‘Shit! I cursed!’ Oops.. two times in a row, not exactly like I had it planned. But, as optimistic as ever, I decided it was just the first day and I could just begin again the day after. And that didn’t went well either. ‘But there’s always tomorrow!’ And so I started my non-cursing month again today. Sadly enough I realized when I got up and looked at the alarm clock that I was running late. So without thinking about it I opened my big mouth.
I’ve really surprised myself these 3 days; I never knew I cursed this much, that it would even be so hard for me to stop it!
Tomorrow I’ll start again with good will, it’s weekend so I won’t have much to complain about ;). And I’m staying home with my parents, who can keep an eye on me, haha. (Like I ever curse near them! That’s why I didn’t do this goal while I was on vacation. It would be way to easy 🙂 )

xx Mich

Actually this post is a little late. But just forgive me for being such a lazy person.
This Saturday I went to the ‘Uitmarkt in Amsterdam. It’s an annual festival, totally free and totally fun. I’ve been there some times before and luckily I went this year too with my parents. Usually it all happens on the same big plaza, where’s lots of grass to walk, sit and lie on. And there were many stages there, with lots of performing artists, little boots where you can take a workshop and of course many many sheds with goodies. 😀 I love those goodies, even though I usually don’t do anything with it afterwards.
This year they did it different; It didn’t all happen on the same plaza, but all of the stages were just scattered around the center of Amsterdam.Which sucks, because you have to walk (sometimes a lot!) to go from one stage to another, which means you can’t see all the performances you want.

But I did have fun, may be it’s just because of the mood that usually comes with this festival. Or it’s because I saw the same day that the Arctic Monkeys are having a concert in Amsterdam in a couple of months. 😛

xx Michelle

Had I already mentioned that the three week trip I just come from (which was totally awesome!) I had planned myself? No, well that’s because I kinda forgot that one too. Anyways I díd plan this myself, with a little help from dad to look for apartments to stay in, but it was my idea to visit Prague, in the Czech Republic. I got the idea to go there from (yes Nina) a J-drama, Nodame Cantabile. I wanted to visit Vienna because I had read in a book that it was a lovely place, which it totally was! You Vienna-people sure have something to be proud of! I don’t really know why I wanted to go to Zadar, Croatia, but I guess it just kinda happened 😉

In this trip I’ve done 3 goals:
#63 Go to a museum
#68 Learn to say I love you in 15 languages
#86 Climb up  high and yell something

When I was in Prague, we made a little trip to the village Kutna Hora. There I visited an alchemy museum. It was veeery small and veeery boring, we were finished in less than a half hour!
At first #68 was: Learn to say I love you in 10 languages, but then I realised I already knew how to say it in 7 languages, thus that wasn’t a real goal, so I changed the number. But let me make a small list of what I already knew:

Dutch – Ik hou van jou
English – I love you
German – Ich liebe dich
French – Je t’aime
Japanese – Aishiteru
Chinese – Wo ai ni
Spanish – Te quiero

And yes, I do realise this is something anyone could know just by using Google, but that’s not how I got my ‘I love you’s. In Prague I asked a woman in a cute shop where they sold wooden toys for their  ‘ I love you’ and she told me: Miluju tě. I did the same in a restaurant in Croatia where the waitress told me: Volim te.
I loved doing #86!  I guess that’s something you have to experience, to understand the thrill of yelling something by which you don’t know who hears it and who doesn’t. I did this one at the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. We had to walk a lot there but the reward we got was great, very beautiful lakes and waterfalls! At the end I looked at the view and I just had to yell something! But because I wasn’t really prepared, I didn’t know what to yell so I just screamed my own name >.<. And ofcourse: ARCTIC MONKEYS RUUUUULEZZ!
Yay, for one of my favorite bands! 😀

xx Michelle

How coud I forget that I’d already started with this goal before we have officially started with the PDZ? But I guess that doesn’t really matter, since I’m still doing it. I’ve started in June, and I’m planning to do it for a year or so. I work at the hospital in our city. It’s my dream to become a doctor and that’s why I’ve chosen for a hospital to work in, to gain experience and also because I might have a higher chance to pass into med school this way. 😀  I work there every Sunday morning, which means I have to get up at 8.00 am!! Luckily I’ve still got the Saturdays to lie-in. It’s not hard work that I’m doing; I just bring the patients to an auditorium, which is used as a church, and after the mass I bring them back to their rooms. I also clean up the room beside the auditorium and set out the cups for the volunteers and patients who want to drink a cup of tea or coffee afterwards. After 11.15 I’m usually ready and all set to go home and have some breakfast with my family.
Now I have more time, because the holiday has started, and I’ve chosen to also work in the hospital on Friday. Of course there isn’t a mass on Friday, but then I help with some other activities for the patients, which are good for them to stimulate their brain function and it’s just good for them to go out their rooms for some times; We don’t want them to be isolated! Working on the Fridays is much different than on the Sundays, because I have then more interaction with the patient.
All in all I like my ‘job’, my colleagues are very nice and they’ve been very hospitable from the moment I started working. I’ve even got a letter with the report of one of the meetings, where I couldn’t come because I was still at school at the time, and it says: ‘We’re very happy that we can count on the assistance of Michelle this year. Welcome!’ Yay! How could this ‘job’, feel like work, when you have colleagues like that? 🙂
And of course I’ll let you see a picture of my badge. No photo of me, not even my name is on it. It just says: volunteer 9. But I don’t really care about that, I’m still proud of it.

xx Michelle

In less than two weeks I’m going on a trip with my parents and my two older brothers. We’ll do it by car, which means that we’ll drive all the way from the Netherlands to beautiful Prague in the Czech Republic. We’ll stay there for one week, next we’ll move on to the adorable Vienna in Austria. That will also be a one weeks visit when we move further to the beach of Croatia. With these three countries to visit (for the very first time!), it also means visiting a huge variation on cultures, environment and people in three weeks. Thus I’ve decided this will be a perfect time for me to work on my goals. I already know that there are some goals that I can accomplish on this trip, and I’m planning to do so too. I’ll see if I can complete some before I go, but I won’t promise anything. I’m not the kind of person who likes to rush things, and that’s why I won’t force myself to do so. Eventually I’m supposed to like to work on my goals! Anyway that’s how I think about it.  When I’ll come back from from my trip I’ll inform you of all my interesting goal and non-goal activities. Have a nice holiday. 😀

xx Michelle