And hasn’t it been a looooooong time since my last blog? Yes, it has. Of course it has. And I must say I’m not surprised or disappointed in myself, because I’ve known for well, my whole life, that I’m a very very veeeery lazy person ;). But let’s not talk about the stuff I didn’t do these past few months, but about the things I did do!

It all started this thursday. When the Netherlands suddenly became victim of a heavy snowfall. Or well, victim…, not everyone sees it that way, but I do! Because of the snow I can’t go anywhere on the bike or I’ll have to take the bus, but I’ll bet there’s a lot of traffic >.<. Anyways, the snow. I decided that if I had to stay at home because of the snow, I’d better do something with it too! Which is why I made a Snowman! ๐Ÿ˜€ And in a closet somewhere in the attic I also found: ‘Snowman in a box’. Which contains everything I needed to dress my snowman with; A black high hat, red scarf, black buttons, a wooden pipe and of course a carrot! And here you can see the result! It’s not very big, but that’s because it was already very late and cold :P.

And now on to the next goal! This saturday I had a Christmasparty with my friends. (And we had so much fun!) We had decided that everyone had to buy a gift for everyone and because we were with six people, it meant you had to search gifts for five people. We had also decided that you had to make a poem or a story for everyone. And then I had the idea to fold those up as ORIGAMI! I actually wanted to make a different origami figure for everyone. But in the end I just made for everyone the most popular origamifigur: the crane. I had already made this crane 10 years ago (when I was still in primaryschool! Wasn’t I a little genius? xD), so I knew I could do it, but I just didn’t remember hรณw to do it. But luckily internet exist! I really have to thank Google and Youtube for helping me out with this.
So, if you want to learn how to fold the origamicrane, just take a look at this little movie. ^.^

Well that’s that, for now then. I’ll really try to work more on my goals from now on and to be less lazy. And I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Edit: But the Crane isn’t the only origamifigure I made! I also made the swan and the penguin, but those weren’t for the party ;).

xx Michelle


In less than two weeks I’m going on a trip with my parents and my two older brothers. We’ll do it by car, which means that we’ll drive all the way from the Netherlands to beautiful Prague in the Czech Republic. We’ll stay there for one week, next we’ll move on to the adorable Vienna in Austria. That will also be a one weeks visit when we move further to the beach of Croatia. With these three countries to visit (for the very first time!), it also means visiting a huge variation on cultures, environment and people in three weeks. Thus I’ve decided this will be a perfect time for me to work on my goals. I already know that there are some goals that I can accomplish on this trip, and I’m planning to do so too. I’ll see if I can complete some before I go, but I won’t promise anything. I’m not the kind of person who likes to rush things, and that’s why I won’t force myself to do so. Eventually I’m supposed to like to work on my goals! Anyway that’s how I think about it.ย  When I’ll come back from from my trip I’ll inform you of all my interesting goal and non-goal activities. Have a nice holiday. ๐Ÿ˜€

xx Michelle