And again a post about a failure. I really did my best to avoid chocolate, but it didn’t help. When I don’t go to the chocolate, the chocolate comes to me and yells ‘Eat me! I’m so tasty, I’m delicious!’. I’ve done this for three weeks, in which I ate three times a little bit chocolate (it were three special occasions, sort of) and after these three weeks of suffering I was done with it. I wanted grains of chocolate (‘hagelslag’) on my bread in the morning and I wanted to eat Oreos (did you know these are vegan?!). So I haven’t finished the goal. Maybe I’ll try it again later, but for now I leave it like this.

x Nina

Image: Avatarfreak


All these fruits are new to me. No, I never ate a mango. Yes, one time I ate a very little piece of it. I thought it tasted like peach. The others I had never seen before I got a job at the supermarket. Today I bought this fruits and I already tried a litchi and a piece of the Japanese persimmon. The first one tasted nice, but I’d like it more when it was sweeter. I like sweet food. 🙂 The second one, I don’t know, the taste isn’t what I was looking for. It isn’t that bad either, but I don’t like it.

Tonight or maybe tomorrow I’ll eat the mango and the avocado. The other six new fruits come later.

To be continued.

x Nina