Actually, it was toilet paper and I placed it in a flower press machine thing, but the idea is quite the same. First I searched in the garden for some nice flowers and leaves and then I’ve made sort of a collage out if it, which I put in the flower press. And this is the result!I hoped that it should become one big paper made of pressed flowers, but they are easily to part and there are a few empty spaces in my paper. Next time I’ll take more flowers and maybe some glue to make the real paper thing. I’ll do some research before I start. I guess my mother doesn’t like the image of me grabbing everything colourful in our garden, but it’s worth it. (Actually, I don’t like the idea either. I love nature.)

As a child I did this some times, but that was a long time ago and I wanted to do it again, so that’s why I’ve put it in my Project Day Zero. I like this sort of creative things, I should do them more often.

I can honestly recommend you to press flowers between wax paper and place in a book to dry, or just use toilet paper, like I mentioned before.

x Nina

p.s. This is the 8th task I did! And no, I don’t know all the names of the flowers I used, but that’s another task, hehe. Aren’t you curious now?