Actually this post is a little late. But just forgive me for being such a lazy person.
This Saturday I went to the ‘Uitmarkt in Amsterdam. It’s an annual festival, totally free and totally fun. I’ve been there some times before and luckily I went this year too with my parents. Usually it all happens on the same big plaza, where’s lots of grass to walk, sit and lie on. And there were many stages there, with lots of performing artists, little boots where you can take a workshop and of course many many sheds with goodies. 😀 I love those goodies, even though I usually don’t do anything with it afterwards.
This year they did it different; It didn’t all happen on the same plaza, but all of the stages were just scattered around the center of Amsterdam.Which sucks, because you have to walk (sometimes a lot!) to go from one stage to another, which means you can’t see all the performances you want.

But I did have fun, may be it’s just because of the mood that usually comes with this festival. Or it’s because I saw the same day that the Arctic Monkeys are having a concert in Amsterdam in a couple of months. 😛

xx Michelle