Okay, this looks like a very lame goal, but look: my whole fair-going life, I’ve seen this attraction as the scariest one. The fact that you aren’t stuck in it, like, the ball only hangs on some chains, makes it scarier than the others. Of course you can’t fall out, you are stuck in your chair, but it’s different, because of the free moving ball. Are you still reading? Well, this year I did it, I made a ride in the Catapult. And guess what? It wasn’t scary at all! It was fun actually. The sight we had from there, it was pretty nice. The ride took a very short time, it seemed, and I have to say: it wasn’t worth my 10 euros. But from now on I don’t have to wonder anymore how it feels to be in it.

Afterwards I’ve bought a huge package with pop corn. Sugar pop corn. Yum!

x Nina

p.s. The goals are in a random order. It means totally nothing that this goal has one of the lowest numbers.