I’m kind of disappointed in myself because I’ve failed. I haven’t used Twitter every week! I thought it was so easy, but apparently it isn’t 😦 I totally forgot about Twitter while I was on vacation and in the busy schoolweeks.
So this is me saying: I failed. I failed, I failed, I failed. And now’, this is me quoting Elizabethtown:
“So you failed. Alright you really failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You think I care about that? I do understand. You wanna be really great? Then have the courage to fail big and stick around. Make them wonder why you’re still smiling.” – Claire Colburn (played by Kirsten Dunst)

xoxo Saskia


And again a post about a failure. I really did my best to avoid chocolate, but it didn’t help. When I don’t go to the chocolate, the chocolate comes to me and yells ‘Eat me! I’m so tasty, I’m delicious!’. I’ve done this for three weeks, in which I ate three times a little bit chocolate (it were three special occasions, sort of) and after these three weeks of suffering I was done with it. I wanted grains of chocolate (‘hagelslag’) on my bread in the morning and I wanted to eat Oreos (did you know these are vegan?!). So I haven’t finished the goal. Maybe I’ll try it again later, but for now I leave it like this.

x Nina

Image: Avatarfreak

Determined to continue with my goals, I decided to go with #44 Don’t curse for a month.  Cursing is something that everyone does once in a while, especially when you’re irritated or angry. Because this monday the new school year started, I decided to begin it fresh. Or well, I didn’t exactly start monday, because that was the introduction day. And also not Tuesday, because that was when the lessons started again and I could feel that I would need my curse words. So Wednesday it was. But nót cursing seems a lot harder than I would’ve ever imagined! Especially in the morning, when you also have gym class (yuk). I really did begin the day good; I though about every word I said  and replacements of the curse words. But apparently that wasn’t enough. Because the class hadn’t even started for ten minutes and there I was: ‘What the F*ck!’ ‘Shit! I cursed!’ Oops.. two times in a row, not exactly like I had it planned. But, as optimistic as ever, I decided it was just the first day and I could just begin again the day after. And that didn’t went well either. ‘But there’s always tomorrow!’ And so I started my non-cursing month again today. Sadly enough I realized when I got up and looked at the alarm clock that I was running late. So without thinking about it I opened my big mouth.
I’ve really surprised myself these 3 days; I never knew I cursed this much, that it would even be so hard for me to stop it!
Tomorrow I’ll start again with good will, it’s weekend so I won’t have much to complain about ;). And I’m staying home with my parents, who can keep an eye on me, haha. (Like I ever curse near them! That’s why I didn’t do this goal while I was on vacation. It would be way to easy 🙂 )

xx Mich