Explanation for everyone who’s not Stefan: Stefan is our #1 visitor (and probably the only visitor at all) who keeps asking about what happened to our weblog, while we don’t even care about it anymore (too bad). So here we are, greeting Stefan on our as good as dead weblog and project.

Goodnight everyone!


Yes indeed, this was one of my goals too. It isn’t a real goal, it’s more like a task. But that’s okay. So here’s the result of my creative mood. 🙂

And that makes 20 of the 303 tasks are done in like 4.5 months. If we keep doing the tasks at this speed, it’s going to take ages to complete the Project, I’m aware of that. And besides, it seems to me that I’m doing all the easy ones at first and I’m procrastinating the more difficult ones. This is too bad. I really like this project, so why do I do that? Maybe it’s because I always procrastinate everyting, it’s a habit and I can’t just stop it… while I wanted to do this Project to change that! I’m afraid that’s not going to happen. But we keep trying.

If you’re taking part of Project Day Zero too, I’ve a question for you: Is it going well? Have you completed the tasks within 100 days or are you just like me and do you do everything in de last year/month? Do you like completing your tasks? Where can I find your list? Tell me about it! 🙂

x Nina