February 2010

I’ve been struggling with the idea to take a fringe and I finally did it. As a child I’ve had one for a long time, but since I was 9 I’ve never tried it again. I didn’t know wether it would look good on me or not. Last week I decided I needed something different so I figured a fringe was all what I needed. So I did it. How ugly could it be? And when it would turn out ugly, I would at least know that I don’t ever have to try it again. Simple.

Here’s my sleepyhead with the fringe. (It was like 2:15 AM, so that kind of explains it. Besides that, I had a long day of work behind me.) Oh yeah and the picture is made with my phone, so that’s why the quality is bad. But you can see the fringe and that’s what counts!

To upgrade this post to a higher level; let me introduce you my favourite girls (on the internet) with bangs! Big chance that you already know them, since they are all quite famous.

1. Betty

Her weblog le Blog de Betty is great, it’s one of my favourite spots on the internet. She has great style. And a bang. (And nice nailpolish on the picture above!)

2. Alix

Alix is the girl behind The Cherry Blossom Girl, which is another one of my favourite fashion blogs. Although most of her clothes are way too expensive to ever be part of my wardrobe, I really like looking at her pictures.

3. Lisa Mitchell

I only know three songs of her and besides that I know nearly nothing about her, but I do know that she looks so darn cute in the video Clean White Love. The whole video looks amazing. I can’t put it here, so if you wanna see it, go here.

Looking at those three girls… It’s not just the bang they have in common – their haircolour is quite similar too! Maybe I should dye my hair. My hair is more like dark blonde instead of the real warm brown I’d like it to be. I do have another goal…


I admit, this is a lame one. It seemed to be very much money when I came up with this goal, but I have a part time job and I don’t spend all the money I earn, so it’s easy to put aside 500 euro in 1001 days. But yeah, I did complete it. I’ll come up with something more special next time. 😉

x Nina