Determined to continue with my goals, I decided to go with #44 Don’t curse for a month.  Cursing is something that everyone does once in a while, especially when you’re irritated or angry. Because this monday the new school year started, I decided to begin it fresh. Or well, I didn’t exactly start monday, because that was the introduction day. And also not Tuesday, because that was when the lessons started again and I could feel that I would need my curse words. So Wednesday it was. But nót cursing seems a lot harder than I would’ve ever imagined! Especially in the morning, when you also have gym class (yuk). I really did begin the day good; I though about every word I said  and replacements of the curse words. But apparently that wasn’t enough. Because the class hadn’t even started for ten minutes and there I was: ‘What the F*ck!’ ‘Shit! I cursed!’ Oops.. two times in a row, not exactly like I had it planned. But, as optimistic as ever, I decided it was just the first day and I could just begin again the day after. And that didn’t went well either. ‘But there’s always tomorrow!’ And so I started my non-cursing month again today. Sadly enough I realized when I got up and looked at the alarm clock that I was running late. So without thinking about it I opened my big mouth.
I’ve really surprised myself these 3 days; I never knew I cursed this much, that it would even be so hard for me to stop it!
Tomorrow I’ll start again with good will, it’s weekend so I won’t have much to complain about ;). And I’m staying home with my parents, who can keep an eye on me, haha. (Like I ever curse near them! That’s why I didn’t do this goal while I was on vacation. It would be way to easy 🙂 )

xx Mich