Hi dudes en dudettes! As my companions introduced themselves, let’s introduce myself too. I’m Saskia and I was dropped on the earth on 29th of September, 1992, which makes me 16 right now. I love to listen to music, ’cause I’m an addict pahahaha. I’m addicted to McFly (see title of this post) and Panic at the Disco, but unfortunately the last one splitted up, so now I don’t know if I still like their music. We’ll see when the new album comes out (or the new single, which is going to drop about the end of August this year, yay!). Luckily, McFly is working on a new album, and they’re saying (through their twitters) it’s going to be awesome!  I have a whole sh*tload of bands I like, but I’m not going to bore you with that. You’ll still be reading at this hour tomorrow hehe (okay that was a bit excessive, but you know what I mean, right?). 
Things I love to do in life are hanging out with friends (which I can’t all the time, since I live outta town, seriously, it sucks living so far away from friends. I can’t even get there with one busline?!?!), listening to music (McFly most of the time, lately hehe), drawing, cycling (since I actually can again after 3 months! :D), watching youtube movies, doing stuff on the computer, etc etc. Everything a normal teenager enjoys I guess (except drinking loads of alcohol XD I’m not that kind of person, I can have fun on my own, I don’t need the alcohol).
I can laugh my ass off with the stupidest things XD It’s really annoying though, laughing when nobody else is. I could put here a whole list of funny movies on youtube, but it is one of my goals to make the list so I won’t post it yet (just because it isn’t there yet, haha). My youtube favorites count 224 videos, so I have to sort them out once.

That’s also the reason why I wanted to start with Day Zero project. I have so much things in mind to do once,  but I never get to do them actually. Not only things I háve to do, but also things I wánt to do. The temptation to give some examples is so huge right now, but I promised to myself not to post my list, since the others aren’t doing it either (: I hope I will finish all my goals, which is ofcourse also the main goal of this project.

That’s it for now, you’ll get to know me better through my posts (:

xoxo, Saskia

p.s. Boogie Boogie Hedgehog!