In less than two weeks I’m going on a trip with my parents and my two older brothers. We’ll do it by car, which means that we’ll drive all the way from the Netherlands to beautiful Prague in the Czech Republic. We’ll stay there for one week, next we’ll move on to the adorable Vienna in Austria. That will also be a one weeks visit when we move further to the beach of Croatia. With these three countries to visit (for the very first time!), it also means visiting a huge variation on cultures, environment and people in three weeks. Thus I’ve decided this will be a perfect time for me to work on my goals. I already know that there are some goals that I can accomplish on this trip, and I’m planning to do so too. I’ll see if I can complete some before I go, but I won’t promise anything. I’m not the kind of person who likes to rush things, and that’s why I won’t force myself to do so. Eventually I’m supposed to like to work on my goals! Anyway that’s how I think about it.  When I’ll come back from from my trip I’ll inform you of all my interesting goal and non-goal activities. Have a nice holiday. 😀

xx Michelle