Hello! Let me introduce myself, ahum, I’m Michelle, a sixteen year old girl living in the Netherlands. My ancestors are from India, which explains my looks ^^. The things I like to do.. are.. reading Manga(!!), listening to music (I love the Arctic Monkeys and many many other bands), playing the piano and of course I like to hang out with my dear friends. I heard about the Project Day Zero from Nina, and I got excited about it immediately;  I’m the type of person who doesn’t finish stuff. Like I’ve written in the past numbers of unfinished short stories, which is a shame, because I knów I could finish it. But maybe I’m just too lazy? 😛 Anyway, this project is for me a way to do the things I’ve always wanted to do ánd finish them, to overcome my fears, to get more selfconfidence and better express myself so I can show the world: Thís is Michelle!

Although I love to type in English, if you notice faults, please tell me about them and I’ll correct them. Thank you 🙂

Is there more to tell about me? Yes there is! But I have a feeling that you’ll get to know me better better in the future, when I’ve posted more, euh, posts 😀

xx Michelle

Edit: But if you can’t wait for that, you can also check my Twitter account, which is Michellinie.