Hi! Nina here! This is my first post and since I haven’t accomplished a goal yet, I should tell you something about myself. So, where should I begin? Not that there’s so much to tell… I’m a 16 year old girl who lives in the Netherlands, like my two friends. I participate in the Day Zero Project, because I’m always procrastinating, everything. Maybe the project will help me to just do what I want and to go for it. Besides that, I hope I’ll get better in writing in English. While reading my pieces, you’ll discover a lot of mistakes. My excuses, I really try to write faultless. If I keep making the same mistake, I would like you to explain what I’m doing wrong and how I should do it instead. Thanks. 🙂

Think I stop here. You’ll get to know me better when you keep reading my posts. You can recognize them by the tag Nina. While I expect my friends’ posts are worth the reading too.

x Nina

Edit: I want to thank the following websites for inspiration: Codeforsomething.com, because of this and this post, and I also want to thank Keri Smith for her 100 ideas.

Edit2: I’ve added a photo of me. And yes, I’m posing, haha.