Today, we have officially started our adventure through the world of Day Zero Project. I haven’t done any big assignments today, but I have uploaded my twitter, which is one of my goals to do: upload twitter every week! So far, I’m at 1/143 😉 Which is quite obvious, since I’ve started today, hehe. My twitter account is Saskinee, if you’re interested (not that I post very interesting things, but anypooh). I won’t post here every week to say that I’ve uploaded my twitter, but once in a while I’ll tell you my ‘score’.

To let you know: we calculated 1001 days further, and our end date is 16th of april 2012.

Also, you may find some non-goals items on this blog. If we find something interesting we want to share with you, we will definitely do! We will sort them by our categories, ‘goals’ and ‘non-goals’. The names speak for themselves. With the tag option, we will sort the goals per person.

xoxo, Saskia