July 2009

It’s Nina again! I completed another task. I’ve made a popcorn plushie and gave it to my friend Saskia with no reason. Okay, maybe there was sort of a reason: I wanted to cheer her up. But that’s okay, right?

Making it was pretty hard, popcorn is such a strange phenomenon. Maybe it doesn’t really look like popcorn, but hey, it’s cute! 🙂

x Nina


On the first photo, you see how my bed looks like from above (and yes, that’s a teddy bear). The second photo shows what you see when you dive under it. It’s taken from the foot end, which is left on the first photo. All there is, are some old shoes and a multiple socket with some plugs in it. And what a crappy photo. I’ve made some more, but they all look like shit.

What’s under your bed? 😀

x Nina

p.s. I know, this is a very easy-peasy goal. Maybe next one will be more difficult. Who knows?

Okay, this looks like a very lame goal, but look: my whole fair-going life, I’ve seen this attraction as the scariest one. The fact that you aren’t stuck in it, like, the ball only hangs on some chains, makes it scarier than the others. Of course you can’t fall out, you are stuck in your chair, but it’s different, because of the free moving ball. Are you still reading? Well, this year I did it, I made a ride in the Catapult. And guess what? It wasn’t scary at all! It was fun actually. The sight we had from there, it was pretty nice. The ride took a very short time, it seemed, and I have to say: it wasn’t worth my 10 euros. But from now on I don’t have to wonder anymore how it feels to be in it.

Afterwards I’ve bought a huge package with pop corn. Sugar pop corn. Yum!

x Nina

p.s. The goals are in a random order. It means totally nothing that this goal has one of the lowest numbers.

How coud I forget that I’d already started with this goal before we have officially started with the PDZ? But I guess that doesn’t really matter, since I’m still doing it. I’ve started in June, and I’m planning to do it for a year or so. I work at the hospital in our city. It’s my dream to become a doctor and that’s why I’ve chosen for a hospital to work in, to gain experience and also because I might have a higher chance to pass into med school this way. 😀  I work there every Sunday morning, which means I have to get up at 8.00 am!! Luckily I’ve still got the Saturdays to lie-in. It’s not hard work that I’m doing; I just bring the patients to an auditorium, which is used as a church, and after the mass I bring them back to their rooms. I also clean up the room beside the auditorium and set out the cups for the volunteers and patients who want to drink a cup of tea or coffee afterwards. After 11.15 I’m usually ready and all set to go home and have some breakfast with my family.
Now I have more time, because the holiday has started, and I’ve chosen to also work in the hospital on Friday. Of course there isn’t a mass on Friday, but then I help with some other activities for the patients, which are good for them to stimulate their brain function and it’s just good for them to go out their rooms for some times; We don’t want them to be isolated! Working on the Fridays is much different than on the Sundays, because I have then more interaction with the patient.
All in all I like my ‘job’, my colleagues are very nice and they’ve been very hospitable from the moment I started working. I’ve even got a letter with the report of one of the meetings, where I couldn’t come because I was still at school at the time, and it says: ‘We’re very happy that we can count on the assistance of Michelle this year. Welcome!’ Yay! How could this ‘job’, feel like work, when you have colleagues like that? 🙂
And of course I’ll let you see a picture of my badge. No photo of me, not even my name is on it. It just says: volunteer 9. But I don’t really care about that, I’m still proud of it.

xx Michelle

Meet Sophie (left) and Joanna (right). They’re both 16 years old and live somewhere around Las Vegas. They like to go shopping and hang out with friends.
Sophie is the most talkative person, she always has to tell you something new. She watches her health very carefully and likes to fitness. She is very down to earth, cares for animals and the world. Sophie is a vegetarian and doesn’t buy anything which is tested on animals. She is quite popular in class and is a good student. She doesn’t have a boyfriend, but she does have a lot of male friends, who are really just friends to her. A negative point is that she’s sometimes very, very lazy, mostly in cleaning her room. She is sometimes a bit too loud and also a bit too late.
Joanna on the other side is always on time. She’s totally into fashion and never leaves the house without checking her hair. She is a bit spoiled by her parents, because she gets everything she wants. Therefore, she isn’t selfish at all, she likes to give her friends some presents now and then, for no reason. She is kind of quiet, but very nice when you get to know her. Joanna is, just as Sophie, very down with animals and never buys stuff which is tested on them. Because her parents don’t allow her, she isn’t a vegetarian, otherwise she would have been.

 Note: I don’t know these girls, I just made this whole story up. These may not be their real names (I guess not haha) and this isn’t their personality either. The picture as been made by Insporo for a project called ‘100 Strangers’.

xoxo Saskia

p.s. Yay, a goal which is finished right away!

And today, I’ve started with a new goal. To watch 26 movies, starting which each letter of the alphabet. It’s not that hard to watch 26 movies in 1001 days, but I still like the goal (:
Today I’ve watched ‘Just My Luck’, starring Lindsay Lohan and, yep it’s true, McFly XD It’s not the most high standing movie and the storyline is a bit dull, but the fact McFly is in it is something I quite like, hihi.
So my first letter:
J: ‘Just My Luck’

xoxo, Saskia

Hi dudes en dudettes! As my companions introduced themselves, let’s introduce myself too. I’m Saskia and I was dropped on the earth on 29th of September, 1992, which makes me 16 right now. I love to listen to music, ’cause I’m an addict pahahaha. I’m addicted to McFly (see title of this post) and Panic at the Disco, but unfortunately the last one splitted up, so now I don’t know if I still like their music. We’ll see when the new album comes out (or the new single, which is going to drop about the end of August this year, yay!). Luckily, McFly is working on a new album, and they’re saying (through their twitters) it’s going to be awesome!  I have a whole sh*tload of bands I like, but I’m not going to bore you with that. You’ll still be reading at this hour tomorrow hehe (okay that was a bit excessive, but you know what I mean, right?). 
Things I love to do in life are hanging out with friends (which I can’t all the time, since I live outta town, seriously, it sucks living so far away from friends. I can’t even get there with one busline?!?!), listening to music (McFly most of the time, lately hehe), drawing, cycling (since I actually can again after 3 months! :D), watching youtube movies, doing stuff on the computer, etc etc. Everything a normal teenager enjoys I guess (except drinking loads of alcohol XD I’m not that kind of person, I can have fun on my own, I don’t need the alcohol).
I can laugh my ass off with the stupidest things XD It’s really annoying though, laughing when nobody else is. I could put here a whole list of funny movies on youtube, but it is one of my goals to make the list so I won’t post it yet (just because it isn’t there yet, haha). My youtube favorites count 224 videos, so I have to sort them out once.

That’s also the reason why I wanted to start with Day Zero project. I have so much things in mind to do once,  but I never get to do them actually. Not only things I háve to do, but also things I wánt to do. The temptation to give some examples is so huge right now, but I promised to myself not to post my list, since the others aren’t doing it either (: I hope I will finish all my goals, which is ofcourse also the main goal of this project.

That’s it for now, you’ll get to know me better through my posts (:

xoxo, Saskia

p.s. Boogie Boogie Hedgehog!

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